WordPress Workshop for Advanced Users

After the successful WordPress Workshop for Beginners, we would be having another workshop, this time for Advanced Users. Not to say that beginners ain’t allowed – no.

What this implies is that the topics would be a little advanced. We would be exploring WordPress developments — plugins themes, child themes.

The Workshop date is July 7th form 12:00pm

Visit http://bit.ly/wpph-workshop for more details and to RSVP

WordPress PortHarcourt’s Charity Hackathon

Just in case you aren’t in the know, WordPress Port Harcourt is organizing a do_action Charity Hackathon on the 25th of August 2018. This is an event where our community, as well as other communities in Port Harcourt gather together to build websites for deserving nonprofits; for free, all in one day.It’s an event that is meant to give life into the community, and yes, its a WIN-WIN idea.
Volunteers come together to build websites for nonprofits that don’t otherwise have a website. The nonprofits don’t have to pay for anything, we’re in collaboration with some of the Best Web Hosting companies in Nigeria to provide for the hosting for free. Meals and refreshment will be provided to Volunteers throughout the hackathon, no cash prize will be given to volunteers, but then, we’ll make sure we shower you with gifts.
If you run a qualified nonprofit or know someone who do, you can apply by filling the form here (doaction.org/event/portharcourt )
In terms of volunteering, we’ll be divided into teams with 6 – 8 team members. Each team member will have a specific role. Let me briefly explain each of the roles we’ll be accepting, but of course, if you’ve some other role you think should be included, just holla.

Project Manager: The Project Manager oversees the creation of the new website. Assigning tasks to team members, liaising between the organization and the team, and keeping tabs on the team’s progress are all required tasks of the Project Manager. The Project Manager will also be put in touch with the non-profit organization before the event in order to make preliminary plans and to get a better idea of the project requirements. 

Designer: The Designer is responsible for the overall look and feel of the new website. This involves selecting the theme that will be used, as well writing any custom CSS that may be required. In some cases this will also involve the design of a new logo or other assets. 
​​Content Manager: The Content Manager is responsible for writing new content for the new website, as well as integrating existing content into the new design. It may also involve assisting with mailing list setups and advising on content strategy. 

Social Media Manager: The Social Media Manager is responsible for setting up any required social media accounts and assisting with getting content flowing on them. The role also includes training the non-profit organization on how to use their social media accounts and how best to integrate them with their new website.
Developer: The Developer role is responsible for building the actual website. This includes implementing the chosen theme, finding and setting up required plugins, and possibly writing custom code to meet the requirements of the non-profit organization.

Quality Assurance Tester: The Quality Assurance Tester is responsible for making sure that the website meets all the visual and accessibility requirements that the non-profit organization needs. Of equal importance is making sure that the new website works correctly – ensuring that all interactive elements function as they should, there are no broken links, and anything else that is required for the website to look and act in the way that the organization expects. 

The only role that require you to be a WordPress Developer before applying is the *Developer* role. For every other role, you just have to be good with what the role entails.  And yes, we’ll be accepting 2-3 developers per team.

To volunteer, just fill this form: ( bit.ly/doactionphc-v ). You’ll be notified when we’ve selected the nonprofits for the day, so you can choose the nonprofit you’ll be working with.

This event is directly sponsored by the WordPress Foundation and is supported by a number of Nigerian companies — which will be announced later.
To join the coversation, join the Whatsapp group ( bit.ly/WPPH-Whatsapp​ )

PHP Upgrade Help Desk

The WordPress Workshop is over, Yup.

I hope you had a swell time, but if you didn’t; you can volunteer to make it better, Simply signify on the Whatsapp group( bit.ly/WPPH-Whatsapp ) or email wpportharcourt [at] gmail.com

PHP Upgrade Help Desk

NEXT MEETUP – Saturday, June 9, 2018. 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

OK, What is PHP?

PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor is a server-side scripting language designed for web development but also used as a general-purpose programming language. 

PHP is a programming language, one which the WordPress Software was written with.

PHP 7 has been released, but yea, many of you still use PHP 5 (which is currently insecure, sort-of) 

That could be because of a few reasons: 

  1. Don’t know what PHP is and how to upgrade it
  2. Don’t understand the trickiness of cPanel and can’t even find your way to the PHP side of things
  3. Afraid of doing something that will break your entire site

Whatever the reason, we are here to help. We would have some volunteers who are expert with cPanel and PHP, and yup, we will help and guild you through the whole process at this meetup.

And of-course, if you think you’re good with cPanel; you can volunteer to help out also. just indicate on the Whatsapp group or email wpportharcourt [at] gmail.com

PS: This meetup is for those that already has a WordPress site and would want to upgrade the PHP version of the installation

If you’re unsure of the difference between PHP 5 and 7, you might want to read up this Quora article


During the week I stumbled upon something: WordPress.com has an Affiliate System!

You can earn 20% by referring users to WordPress.com. Check it out via refer.wordpress.com

Looking For Panel Volunteers — Let’s Workshop!

We are hosting a WordPress Workshop (learn more here)

A WordPress Workshop is just that.

For this meetup we’re going to host a WordPress ‘experts’ panel – people from around our community who will be available to answer your questions and help other WordPress’ers.

We’re looking for 4 or 5 people to be on this panel, so why shouldn’t one of those people be you?

If you would like to be a part of the panel, or if you have a suggestion for someone else who should be, then please email [address removed] or reply this email to let us know! As always, our meetups are relaxed and informal, so don’t think you need to be a power user to be on the panel – any knowledge about any area of WordPress is all that we’re looking for.

Really looking forward to this one!

PS: We’ll be organizing a do_action Hackathon soon; keep your eyes open

Do you want to speak at a meetup or organize one?

Are you aware that you don’t have to be a WordPress ninja to speak at any meetup (though WP ninjas are certainly welcome). Neither would we hold you back if you would like to organise a meetup.

Opening for speaker is ongoing..

Some ideas:

  • Did you write an awesome WordPress plugin and you want to explain how it works with our group?
  • Have you built a WordPress site with some fun, unique code and want to dissect it for the meetup?
  • Are you an expert with a certain Framework/Parent Theme?
  • Do you work for a company that provides WordPress services (hosting, plugins, themes)?
  • Are you an expert in WordPress security or scaling?
  • Is CSS and graphics your thing?

If you are interested in sharing please fill out this request form at wpphc.com/speak

To organise a meetup in your area, all you need is a space to meet and a cross my heart sign that you will follow the 5 good faith rules. Simply get in touch with me and we will schedule one making you the event host.

Anything that brings together 2 or more people to share their WordPress experiences counts — there’s no minimum number of attendees or required format.

They can be in any one of these formats:

  • coffee shop hangouts or coldstone shop hangout 
  • presentations/lecture series,
  • hackathons,
  • social gatherings,
  • workshops,
  • co-working,
  • running a WordPress help desk,
  • contributor sprints/drives, and others.

P.S – WordPress 15th anniversary celebration is coming soon on May 27th. Stay tuned!

Let’s #Meet4Speed On The 31st of March 2018

In the past years, Web Performance Optimization went from an interesting research to a full blown industry with solid use cases, proven solutions and vendor infrastructure.

Come join us at #WPMeet4SPEED!

Meet4Speed is a hands on session, where we talk about how to speed up websites, and PRACTICALLY, speed up each other’s site.

Bring your laptop and we’ll work together on optimizing our sites.

Server-Side Rendering, Templating, AJAX, Websockets, APIs….. Let’s take a look at pros/cons of each approach to build the most performant website possible !

Then bring your laptop and website with you and we’ll help optimizing it!

You can benefit even if you can’t edit your site right now – we will be happy to share the knowledge.

We’ll all learn how to see what’s slow and how to make it fast!

RSVP NOW #Meet4Speed

How fast is your website?

SO, you’ve finally adhered to all the tips dropped during the WordPress Security meet up  yesterday.

You’ve done all you need to do to secure your website, what’s next?

Remember though,
Security is not about risk elimination it’s about risk reduction.
Do your best to reduce the risk of having your site hacked but don’t try eliminate the risk, because you can’t.

And wait…You weren’t at that security meet up…? You missed a lot. Lots of tips were shared “by the house to the house”

Meanwhile, your website have been secured (I’m hoping so) What’s next?

Speed means different things to different people.

For some, it’s the killer judgment in getting Google Adsense approval

For others it very vital to SEO

While others just wants to reduce their bounce-rate and get customers to stay.

Whatever the reason, one thing stay true: Speed is important. Very important.

SO, the question again is:
How Fast Is Your Website?

We are scheduling a meet up to discuss: How to achieve Speed and What it does for you.

Date and Time will be announced latter

This discussion is not just for WordPress/PHP Developers, it’s for everyone including newbies.

Visit: www.meetup.com/wp-portharcourt for more information and to stay tuned.

Join the Whatsapp Group: bit.ly/WPPH-Whatsapp

Follow us on Twitter @WPPortHarcourt

WordPress Hacked? Here’s How To Prevent It

I won’t be surprised if your website was hacked at one time or the other. If your site was hacked, well you’re just one of 45,000 website that is being hacked daily….that’s a whole lot of numbers.

OK. Maybe your site hasn’t been hacked after-all, BUT, why take the risk

You could actually reduced the risk of having your site hacked by 70%–yes, by attending this free meetup.

There are limited space, SO, If you plan to come GO AND RSVP NOW

It’s going down–or maybe up–on Saturday, the 24th of Feb

The meetup will cover a presentation by yours truly and you. Yes, we would have some really good security experts in the house, and WE all will share the best way to prevent an hacker.

We’ll also be sharing a video by Varun Sharma, Founder and CEO of Tech Banker in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You really should be here. You really…


Let’s talk WordPress Security

WordPress security is a topic of huge importance for every website owner. Each week, Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing. If you are serious about your website, then you need to pay attention to the WordPress security best practices.

Every month you hear about giant corp getting hacked and losing millions of customers data. If giant corp isn’t safe, how can I be safe?! In light of this brokenness, there is some good news

WordPress security has always been food for thought. Even though most of the latest updates deal with WordPress security issues, there is still a lot that can be done to improve that security, even by the less tech-savvy.

While WordPress core software is very secure, and it’s audited regularly by hundreds of developers, there is a lot that can be done to harden your WordPress website. The reality is, you can do several small things that greatly diminish your risk levels.

We are going to have a meetup dedicated to Security as it concerns WordPress. During this meetup, we will share all the top WordPress security tips to help you protect your website against hackers and malware.

RSVP NOW – There are limited space