As you may already know, we are introducing some meetup series. A meetup series is a meetup that will hold in a particular sequence, i.e Monthly, Yearly etc

The first series is called: #SurpassingGoogle: Tips and Tricks For Search Engine Optimization, and will feature whats in the name and some Tips and Tricks For Search Engine Optimization; although we aren’t necessarily going to surpass Google

Another series we are going to introduce is the WordPress Workshop for Beginners and Professionals, and this is strictly going to be a Workshop. For beginners, it will feature: Installing WordPress on local server and on the web, Installing and editing themes, plugins; Customizing  WordPress and stuff like that.

For the Pros, we will touch: Creating Child themes, plugins, editing WordPress core, Google Webmasters, Php… and stuff like that

We haven’t yet scheduled any WordPress Workshop, but will do so in a bit.

The meetup tomorrow is part of the #SurpassingGoogle series, and will also feature a Skype call to Mary Job, co organizer of the Lagos WordPress Meetup; She will give a brief talk, and later answer any of your tech/WordPress related question

Tomorrow’s meetup will also feature a session by Sharon Ud Georgewill on Blogging As A Business: $blogging for profits$

If you will be around for both meetups, kindly RSVP for them both.

And hey! The venue is Garden City Marriott Hotel ( See the Map ). The time is 10 am

Lastly, Go and RSVP and do it now that you can!

See you,

Anthony Great