How fast is your website?

SO, you’ve finally adhered to all the tips dropped during the WordPress Security meet up  yesterday.

You’ve done all you need to do to secure your website, what’s next?

Remember though,
Security is not about risk elimination it’s about risk reduction.
Do your best to reduce the risk of having your site hacked but don’t try eliminate the risk, because you can’t.

And wait…You weren’t at that security meet up…? You missed a lot. Lots of tips were shared “by the house to the house”

Meanwhile, your website have been secured (I’m hoping so) What’s next?

Speed means different things to different people.

For some, it’s the killer judgment in getting Google Adsense approval

For others it very vital to SEO

While others just wants to reduce their bounce-rate and get customers to stay.

Whatever the reason, one thing stay true: Speed is important. Very important.

SO, the question again is:
How Fast Is Your Website?

We are scheduling a meet up to discuss: How to achieve Speed and What it does for you.

Date and Time will be announced latter

This discussion is not just for WordPress/PHP Developers, it’s for everyone including newbies.

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