WordPress Hacked? Here’s How To Prevent It

I won’t be surprised if your website was hacked at one time or the other. If your site was hacked, well you’re just one of 45,000 website that is being hacked daily….that’s a whole lot of numbers.

OK. Maybe your site hasn’t been hacked after-all, BUT, why take the risk

You could actually reduced the risk of having your site hacked by 70%–yes, by attending this free meetup.

There are limited space, SO, If you plan to come GO AND RSVP NOW

It’s going down–or maybe up–on Saturday, the 24th of Feb

The meetup will cover a presentation by yours truly and you. Yes, we would have some really good security experts in the house, and WE all will share the best way to prevent an hacker.

We’ll also be sharing a video by Varun Sharma, Founder and CEO of Tech Banker in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

You really should be here. You really…