Do you want to speak at a meetup or organize one?

Are you aware that you don’t have to be a WordPress ninja to speak at any meetup (though WP ninjas are certainly welcome). Neither would we hold you back if you would like to organise a meetup.

Opening for speaker is ongoing..

Some ideas:

  • Did you write an awesome WordPress plugin and you want to explain how it works with our group?
  • Have you built a WordPress site with some fun, unique code and want to dissect it for the meetup?
  • Are you an expert with a certain Framework/Parent Theme?
  • Do you work for a company that provides WordPress services (hosting, plugins, themes)?
  • Are you an expert in WordPress security or scaling?
  • Is CSS and graphics your thing?

If you are interested in sharing please fill out this request form at

To organise a meetup in your area, all you need is a space to meet and a cross my heart sign that you will follow the 5 good faith rules. Simply get in touch with me and we will schedule one making you the event host.

Anything that brings together 2 or more people to share their WordPress experiences counts — there’s no minimum number of attendees or required format.

They can be in any one of these formats:

  • coffee shop hangouts or coldstone shop hangout 
  • presentations/lecture series,
  • hackathons,
  • social gatherings,
  • workshops,
  • co-working,
  • running a WordPress help desk,
  • contributor sprints/drives, and others.

P.S – WordPress 15th anniversary celebration is coming soon on May 27th. Stay tuned!