Introducing new series: #SurpassingGoogle

As you may already know, we are introducing some meetup series. A meetup series is a meetup that will hold in a particular sequence, i.e Monthly, Yearly etc

The first series is called: #SurpassingGoogle: Tips and Tricks For Search Engine Optimization, and will feature whats in the name and some Tips and Tricks For Search Engine Optimization; although we aren’t necessarily going to surpass Google

Another series we are going to introduce is the WordPress Workshop for Beginners and Professionals, and this is strictly going to be a Workshop. For beginners, it will feature: Installing WordPress on local server and on the web, Installing and editing themes, plugins; Customizing  WordPress and stuff like that.

For the Pros, we will touch: Creating Child themes, plugins, editing WordPress core, Google Webmasters, Php… and stuff like that

We haven’t yet scheduled any WordPress Workshop, but will do so in a bit.

The meetup tomorrow is part of the #SurpassingGoogle series, and will also feature a Skype call to Mary Job, co organizer of the Lagos WordPress Meetup; She will give a brief talk, and later answer any of your tech/WordPress related question

Tomorrow’s meetup will also feature a session by Sharon Ud Georgewill on Blogging As A Business: $blogging for profits$

If you will be around for both meetups, kindly RSVP for them both.

And hey! The venue is Garden City Marriott Hotel ( See the Map ). The time is 10 am

Lastly, Go and RSVP and do it now that you can!

See you,

Anthony Great

Let’s talk SEO

We will be hosting a Intense discussion on Search Engine Optimization. This is a Meetup series that will hold continually once a month

Topics will vary per month, but at this particular meetup we will cover the following topics:

*Domain Authority

*Be A Flash: Site Speed and why it matters

* Duplicate contents: How it affect you and your Brand

*UI/UX Factors

*Backlinks: Backing the Links

*Responsiveness: How to go about it?

*Google Analytics and other Web Master Tools

*Content is King

*Keyword is Queen

*Content and Keyword (The Family): Optimizing/Decorating Contents with Keyword

See ya!

It promise to be awesome don’t miss it

Hello world! Welcome to WPPHC

Thanks for joining the WordPress Port Harcourt Community, we are really glad to have you here! We can’t wait to meet with you at an upcoming WordPress meetup.

Here are brief notes of what we’re about.

  1. How the Meetups work
    The main Meetup page provides information about scheduled events. Just click on the name of the event scheduled you want to be a part of, and hit the red ‘Yes’ button RSVP to attend. You are welcome to bring a friend–we would love it!

As a Port Harcourt Meetup group member you’re also welcome to suggest and plan your own meetups. So if you have an idea and a space for getting people together, it could be a coffee shop, movie, hackathon, marathon (haha), you name it, please go ahead and suggest a Meetup.

  1. If you are a beginner or newbie to WordPress we highly recommend you take advantage of this beginners video –
  2. Get Involved
    If you want to get the most out of WordPress, we highly recommend you get involved, learn from others and perhaps lend a hand as well. Visit to learn how. If you have some WordPress experience to share, we would love to have you present a talk or workshop. Please visit to suggest a topic or submit a speaker application, you can also contact us directly ?
  3. What do I do now?
    The next step is for you to stay updated via our other Social Media Handles and Join us on Slack where we share, handle support questions and network. Also head on over to to register your profile and picture.

Facebook –

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If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with one of the organizers or a current member. We would be happy to help you. We look forward to seeing you and thanks again for becoming a part of our meetup group.

See Ya! ?